Frozen Fruits

Frozen fruits

It is fun and simple adventure game. Winter came and the little friend of our hero lost in the fabulous ice. Little Penguin is going to find his girlfriend. Along the way collect frozen fruit. Way was blocked by various puzzles. Collect all the fruit and as much as possible bonuses. The more bonuses you gather, the more life you will have. Your mission is to get access to all 35 store-rooms of the aliens and destroy all fruits there. When you start the game, your spheroid fruitcrusher has just entered the alien's storage building. Here you can enter the 35 rooms through the green tubes. If you destroy all fruits in a store room, you get one star. You will need the stars to gain access to new areas in the storage building. Star doors block your forthcoming. To smash a star door, you need at least as many stars as is inscribed on the door. Tubes with a star on them haven't been solved yet.Much fun!Join now and have fun!